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Climate Friendly Cart


Help your customers save the planet
With Climate Friendly Cart, your customers can fight climate change by offsetting the carbon footprint of their purchases. With just one click, they will experience instantaneous, fully-transparent climate action. Plus, the default contribution of $2 more-than-covers the carbon footprint for the majority of online products, enabling sustainable shopping, and allowing you to engage with customers to fight climate change in a real, meaningful way. Online stores that install Climate Friendly Cart experience increased loyalty and higher repurchase rates.

How it works
Your customers choose to offset their purchase directly at checkout. When the customer payment is processed, we send the contribution to high-trust carbon offsetting projects, verified by independent registries and chosen by us for delivering meaningful, high-quality climate action, demonstrating real benefits for both people and the planet. Customers immediately receive a ‘track and trace’ receipt, and you can monitor the cumulative impact of your climate action on your dashboard. Simple.


Increased customer loyalty

CarbonClick enables you to take a leadership position on the biggest issue of our time. It’s intuitive and it works. Customers will love it and love you for supporting a cause they care deeply about, helping you build your brand, create opportunities for customer engagement and increase loyalty.

Real, meaningful climate action

CarbonClick undertakes rigorous vetting, selecting only projects of the highest quality, audited by international carbon registries and aligned directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Contributions support both local and global projects that make a real difference, allowing you to align with meaningful climate action.

High-trust, fully-traceable contributions

CarbonClick means high-trust. It is trusted globally by over 1000 online stores, plus high-volume enterprises, like Etihad Airways and Amadeus. Every customer receives an email receipt for their carbon offsets. The receipt provides them a traceable certificate detailing how the contribution was spent, traceable to specific projects, allowing your customers to learn more about the efforts you and your brand are taking to save our planet.

Key Features

  • Easy set-up. Connecting Climate Friendly Cart is just a few simple steps.
  • Customizable. Configure the look and feel to match your brand and customize the text to tell your story of sustainability.
  • Capable, friendly support. We offer technical support, e-commerce sustainability guidance, marketing support and an eco-badge for use on your website.
  • Climate Friendly Rewards. We set aside 10% of the offsets purchased for you to invest in more sustainable practices or to contribute to charities that align with your brand. By helping us promote more sustainable shopping, we are helping you become a more sustainable business.

Help save our planet. Join your customers in the Climate Movement. Start making a difference today.


  • The Green Button in place
  • Track and trace receipt
  • Our highly customizable Look and Feel tab
  • Your cumulative impact dashboard
  • Climate Friendly Rewards


Who are CarbonClick?

CarbonClick was founded to make climate action simple, to help people restore the planet with a simple click. Our goal is to make a measurable impact in the fight against climate change by empowering businesses and individuals to live more sustainably.

We provide easy, one-click carbon offsetting solutions for businesses across the globe to deploy on e-commerce and travel sites. Climate Friendly Cart enables consumers the option and satisfaction in taking instant climate action. All carbon offset contributions support the planet and humanity through projects that reduce or remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Visit for more information.

What are Carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets are an effective way to address climate change. When a customer buys a carbon offset it goes towards projects that reduce the carbon in the atmosphere such as funding native forest regeneration or renewable energy.

What are customers offsetting with their contribution?

A contribution guarantees they are reducing the environmental impact of their purchase. However, attributing exactly what the offset goes to is hard to pinpoint exactly because of the complex supply chain behind every product. With very high confidence, freight will be offset for most products that use standard courier services for delivery. Furthermore, a meaningful part of the embodied carbon (carbon emissions related to manufacturing the product) will be offset with the remaining amount. If anything is left over after that, then the customer’s contribution is actually making the purchase climate positive – brilliant!

Here are some items and the typical cost to make them carbon neutral:

Plain T-Shirt: $0.30
Trainers: $0.20
Parcel Delivery: $0.05

Where do the contributions go?

After we deduct a small margin, the remainder is then split between a local project (if available) and a mix of international projects. Our research shows there’s a strong desire for consumers to offset carbon emissions with local projects. However, local often means expensive so we balance our project ‘basket’ by including international offsets. This helps to extend the impact of each contribution.


26 Yanvar 2023
so ive downloaded this plugin, you have to plug your credit card details for the installation. It then creates an stripe account for your plugin instance. however you can not control your account, you can not login on their website and you can not remove your payment details or close your account. i can not even uninstall the plugin because there server responds with an error. I assume this means my account is not removed either. If I see a single charge from this company in future it's fraudulent. i have written them on all possible contact channels about this issue and haven't received a response, only a few days left until they charge me and the plugin is still installed even thought I know after 5 minutes that's not what I was looking for i would highly suggest using a different product because this company doesn't appear trustful at all and is far away from respecting normal customer rights as removing your account when you want to.
26 Aprel 2021
I have met some of the team, they drive EVs and they biked to our Wordpress meetup (COVID safe here in New Zealand), these guys practice what they preach. Their background, knowledge, and market research is excellent. They are very helpful and accepted feedback. Quickly helped with a small installation issue. I like that you pre-pay for credits with auto top up as it makes the payment & store side side easy. I like that the customer gets an email detailing where their contribution was spent. The onboarding kit was great. They also clarify what you can claim. Easy to use, easy to setup, great backend.
11 Mart 2021
I wasn't looking for a plugin like this, but I'm glad I came across it. It suits my brand message and what I'm already doing in my business. It was very easy to set up and use and they offer a lot of promotional material and graphics. It's no obtrusive in my cart and not a pain for the shopper.
18 Fevral 2021
We are using Carbon Click's Friendly Carbon Cart. This is really easy to set up and easy to use plugin that offers personalised experience for the customers who donate while proceeding to check out on your e-commerce store. The customer also receives a pleasant experience of knowing where his/her donation has gone to through email updates. Highly recommend, one of the best donations plugin for your online shop. Thanks
10 Fevral 2021
I've been trying to find ways to make our business Climate Friendly and was drawn to CarbonClick sometime ago. At that time they didn't have WooCommerce support, but today the day finally came! Setup was incredibly easy, it seamlessly integrated with my cart and checkout pages and is customizable to fit your site's theme and colors. In addition, they have an incredible on-boarding process where they provide media and guidelines so you can promote that your Climate Friendly. I'm extremely impressed and can't wait to see our customers use it!
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