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This is the best plugin for billable audio and video communication. It is easy to install and enables you to place ‘PAYCALL Buttons’ into the sidebar as a widget or directly in the WYSIWYG-editor on your WordPress site. You can monetize your know-how for free, all it takes is a simple registration. This will give your page visitors an easy way to call you, and they will be charged per minute. It requires no registration on their part, payment details are all that’s necessary. You set your own rates and the money that you earn from the call will go straight to your bank account. PAYCALL uses STRIPE to provide a real time integrated payment service so that your money is transferred securely.

Why should you use the HEADSTORE PAYCALL Button plugin?

• Simplify your business and create additional revenue.

• Improve your flexibility and increase your customer service.

• Reduce your debit risk to zero.

• Digitalize your business to a global audience.

• Seamless integration into any website.

• Free to use.

How to use the HEADSTORE ‘PAYCALL Button’?

• Download and activate the ‘PAYCALL Button’ Plugin.

• Register on and create your paycall.

• Connect the WordPress plugin to your PAYCALL account.

• Start placing your ‘PAYCALL Button’ on your website.


• Compatible with WebRTC enabled browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

• Compatible with most widely used WordPress themes and plugins.

• Fully encrypted media sessions and end to end transportation.

The user must have a PAYCALL account and sign in to PAYCALL (which is free) to provide a safe connection to your bank account.

To read more about PAYCALL please visit.


  1. Install the plugin either by uploading it via FTP or by using the ‘Add Plugin’ function of WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin at the ‘Plugins’ tab.
  3. Visit and chose a registration method.
  4. Setup your profile.
  5. Connect your PAYCALL account with your profiles in WordPress under ‘PAYCALL Buttons > Add New’. These profiles can then be used directly in the WYSIWYG-Editor or under ‘Appearance > Widgets’.

If you cannot connect your account, please make sure php5-curl is installed on your server or ask your site’s host to do so.

Unfortunatelly, there is an incompatibility with the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin – if you need to use that, you can still integrate your Call-Me Button directly into the HTML of your site.

If you are running some kind of marketplace based on wordpress and would like to add HEADSTORE PAYCALL Buttons, contact us at

Thanks for using the HEADSTORE PAYCALL Button.


How can I create a PAYCALL account? (step by step)
  1. When you visit chose one possible registration method. If you chose the Email signup, fill in all your personal information. Only your company, first and last name will be displayed on your ‘PAYCALL Button’. Additionally you can write anything (e.g. your position as ‘Consulting’ or ‘Author’ or a request like ‘Call me’ or ‘Ask me anything’ etc.) on the ‘Call Button text’ field.

  2. After you successfully approved your email address, you can login to your account and setup your profile by following through the setup process.

  3. You can now connect your Headstore account on WordPress under ‘Headstore’. Your account then can be used directly in the WYSIWYG-Editor or under ‘Appearance > Widgets’.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is our online payment processor. It’s an well established company that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. If you would like more information about Stripe such as how secure it is or the type of protection it gives you please visit

How can I test my ‘PAYCALL Button’?

On the PAYCALL website at, make sure your on the ‘Profile’ page and follow the instructions under ‘Share profile > Landing page’. Copy Paste the link into another browser and call yourself. If you select to make a paid call, you will have to enter your creditcard data; after the call you can refund the money.

What can I do if my ‘PAYCALL Button’ is displayed in grey?

First ensure that you are either logged in to your PAYCALL account at with your computer. If you are not logged in, your ‘PAYCALL Button’ will be displayed in grey as you to let users know that you are not available. Please check that the profile you would like to use is also online.
In general save the settings after every change so the interface can update.

What can I do if the shortcode appears on my website instead of a ‘PAYCALL Button’?

If this occurs it is probably due to the account that the shortcode is linked to has been deleted from your accounts page.

Can I change my rates?

You can change them as often as you want, unless you are in the middle of a PAYCALL-call. You can do this under ‘Profile > Edit Profile’.

What payment options do you support?

U.S. businesses cann accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.
Australian, Canadian and European businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard and AmericanExpress.
For more details check:

What if my computer choses the wrong camera?

There are multiple ways to change this:

• Press Windows key + W, type ‘Devices and printers’ and click on it. Check if the cam you want to chose is listed, right click on it and set this device as default. If it’s not listed or doesn’t work, chose another method.

• If you never need that camera there is the possibility to disable it, but you cannot use it until you enable it again! Open the device manager, locate ‘Imaging Devices’ and search there for ‘Integrated Camera’ which must be right clicked and disabled from the context menu. Confirm the promt that appears. Gratulations you camera has been disabled now and cannot be used anymore unless it is enabled.
You can also change your browser’s settings:

• Google Chrome: During the call or while being on the same site look for the camera icon in the in the address / url bar to change the settings.

• Firefox: During the call you can change it using the settings icon on the bottom left corner.

Which currencies does Stripe support?

Almost every currency! The full list can be found here:

Is Stripe available for all countries?

Almost! Please check if your country is available (at least on private beta) on

Can I use a HEADSTORE ‘PAYCALL Button’ when the website does not use WordPress?

Of course! You can easily embed the javascript of any ‘PAYCALL Button’. When you login on the PAYCALL website at, go to the ‘Profile’ tab and follow the instructions under ‘Share profile > Embed code’. Copy the section of code which is displayed and paste it where you want it in the html-file of your website.

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15 Dekabr 2018
2018-12-15 : Installed it, when I go to the settings, it tells me to go to to sign up, which switches to I don’t see anything that ressembles a “get an account” link. Is this plugin dead or what?
03 Sentyabr 2016
This plugin allows me to monetize my know-how directly with a short signup. People can call me whenever they want and I earn money. Nice!
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0.5.5 Support for Enterprise & Community Admins

0.5.4 Showing buttons on IE

0.5.3 Updated backend URLs

0.5.2 Live

0.5.1 Linked to launch landing page

0.5 shortcode support added

0.4.1 new structure

0.3 Improved robustness of wp-admin functionality.

0.2 Allow multiple buttons on one page.

0.1 Dynamically gets Interface from PAYCALL API