Jetpack Holiday Snow Opt-In

Make Jetpack's Holiday Snow feature accessible by only showing it if user has opted-in by…

Josh Eaton 10+ active installations 4.6.27 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 7 il ago

Desire Portfolio Filter

Desire Portfolio Filter is a responsive plugin which allows visitors to filter Jetpack portfolio by…

Franck LEBAS 10+ active installations 4.7.27 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 8 il ago

Feedback Extended

This plugin requires Jetpack 1.3 or up with Contact Form plugin active. This plugin will…

Ehsanul Haque 10+ active installations 3.5.2 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 11 il ago

Remove this WPcom Smiley

Remove this WPcom Smiley plugin removes the stats smiley for all WordPress installations with…

Alexander Troshin 10+ active installations Updated 11 il ago

Subscribe privacy for Jetpack

Adds agreement for privacy policy to mail subscriptions. Needs the Jetpack plugin with the use…

alex6m Fewer than 10 active installations 6.3.2 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 3 həftə ago

CDN Image Proxy

Use Jetpack Image CDN (formerly Photon) to proxy image uploads from another site.

Philip Newcomer Fewer than 10 active installations 4.9.24 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 6 il ago