Cartpauj Register Captcha

Cartpauj Register Captcha does one simple task. It prevents SPAM signups through WordPress' default registration…

cartpauj 2. 000+ active installations 6.4.4 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 4 ay ago

Bulk Term Editor

You can register or edit terms in bulk. Copy cells in the spreadsheet, all that…

Yuya Hoshino 400+ active installations 6.2.5 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 10 ay ago

Ashuwp invitaion code

Ashuwp_Invitation_Code is a wordpress plugin, It helps adding invitation codes for your site.

Ashuwp 400+ active installations 4.9.25 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 6 il ago

Easy Invitation Codes

Visitors have to enter an invitation code to register on your blog. The easy way!

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