BibleLink Multilingual

This lightweight plugin makes Bible references on your website interactive and supports multiple languages.

GlobalRize 200+ active installations 6.4.4 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 2 ay ago


Automatically links to Bible verses throughout your site.

Joshua Vandercar 100+ active installations 5.5.14 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 4 il ago


Plugin finds Bible references in your posts and changes them for the actual Bible text…

Matej Nastran 60+ active installations 3.5.2 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 11 il ago

Bible Reading Plan

Lead your readers through the Bible in a year with this sidebar widget.

FullThrottle Development 40+ active installations 2.7 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 15 il ago


BibleUp transforms Bible references on a webpage into links and makes the text accessible via…

BibleUp 30+ active installations 6.3.4 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 8 ay ago

Daily Bible Readings

Show the current day's scripture readings and fasting rule from the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese…

Paul Schlueter 20+ active installations 5.6.13 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 3 il ago


This plugin enables NETBibleTagger on your WordPress site.

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BibleScriptureTagger Creates a hover for Bible references and reveals the verse text and provides a…

Bible Portal 10+ active installations 6.0.8 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 10 ay ago

Bible Verses References

This plugin fetches all the biblical references present in your posts and pages and adds…

Klaylton Fernando 10+ active installations 6.4.4 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 2 ay ago

Scripture Cloud

Creates a Scripture Cloud of referenced Bible verses in your blog.

Benjamin Hoogterp 10+ active installations 5.3.17 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 4 il ago


Az Igefilter a magyar bibliai hivatkozásokat automatikusan átalakítja online Bibliára mutató linkké.

Online Biblia Fewer than 10 active installations 6.4.4 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 2 ay ago