Weather Forecast in Portugal

The Weather Forecast in Portugal, provided by the IPMA plugin, lets you display a real-time…

Dipcode 70+ active installations 5.0.18 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 4 il ago

NP Forex Commodity Widget

Adds commodity prices, exchange rates and fuel rates widget.

maheshmaharjan, tikarambhandari, pratikshrestha, skandha 70+ active installations 5.5.11 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 2 il ago

Local Business Microdata Widget

A simple and easy way to include Local Business contact information with microdata markup…

James Maabadi 70+ active installations 3.7.40 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 9 il ago

Advanced Category Column

The Advanced Category Column is a very customizable multi-widget for your sidebar.

Stefan Crämer 70+ active installations 4.5.28 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 7 il ago

Enhanced Search Form

Enhance wordpress search form to allow searching posts in certain category(s), month archive(s) or tag(s).

Ono Oogami, BestWebLayout 70+ active installations 4.0.37 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 8 il ago

Maintainn Tools

A plugin to Maintainn your WordPress website

Maintainn 70+ active installations 5.8.6 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 1 il ago

Post To Sidebar

A WordPress plugin/widget that gives you the ability to put content (posts and custom post…

David Mallon 70+ active installations 3.2.1 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 11 il ago

Profile widget

A WordPress widget for displaying user profile information on single post pages.

Ryan Hellyer 70+ active installations 4.4.29 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 8 il ago

Floating Widgets

Adds a dynamic widget area to begining of post or page

Affilisites 70+ active installations 3.0.5 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 12 il ago

JKL Timezone Converter

A simple Timezone widget and shortcode that allows you to convert time differences and easily…

Aaron Snowberger 70+ active installations 4.5.28 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 7 il ago

Responsive Flicker Widget

A Flickr WordPress plugin to display user's and group's photos in sidebar widgets.

Prem Tiwari 70+ active installations 4.6.25 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 6 il ago

Widget Display Filter

Set the display condition for each widget. Widgets display condition setting can be easily, and…

enomoto@celtislab 70+ active installations 5.9.5 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 9 ay ago