WP Super Cache

A very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files.

Automattic 1+ million active installations 6.4.3 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 4 ay ago

DB Cache Reloaded Fix

The fastest cache engine for WordPress, that produces cache of database queries with easy configuration.…

Ivan Kristianto 4. 000+ active installations 3.4.2 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 12 il ago

Hestia Nginx Cache

Purged the Nginx cache automatically after making website changes. Uses the new HestiaCP API, released…

Jakob Bouchard 500+ active installations 6.4.3 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 1 həftə ago

Uncache Script

Force your scripts and style to uncache

Todi 400+ active installations 4.3.33 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 9 il ago

WP Nav Menu Cache

Create cache for dynamically generated navigation menu HTML and serve from a static file. It…

oneTarek 90+ active installations 6.1.5 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 1 il ago

Really Static

Generates static HTML-files from your Blog. That makes your Blog incredible fast! Better than any…

Erik Sefkow 70+ active installations 4.0.38 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 9 il ago

Dessky Cache

Dessky Cache is the ultralight caching plugin suited for websites that are hosted on shared…

Dessky 40+ active installations 6.3.3 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 5 ay ago

WPMK Cache

The easiest, fastest, most light-weight WordPress Cache plugin available.

Mubeen Khan 10+ active installations 6.0.7 ilə test edilmişdir Updated 2 il ago