Trustify Widgets for Elementor


Elevate your online presence by seamlessly integrating Trustify Widgets into your site, all while enjoying the flexibility of diverse layouts and complete customization through Elementor.

  • Effortlessly import Trustify reviews using your Trustify Profile Slug.
  • Choose from a variety of layouts for a tailored look.
  • Supports multiple languages with different language detection options.
  • Extremely detailed customization to seamlessly match your site.
  • Optimized for optimal page speed performance.

Stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape with Trustify and the “Trustify Widgets with Elementor” plugin.
Elevate your WordPress website today!

Trustify API

This plugin uses the Trustify API to load content from Trustify profile pages and display it in the widgets. This API url is used for this.
The API returns up to 50 ratings and profile information from a single Trustify profile. We create the API url resp. call with the Trustify Profile Slug you enter and make 2 calls. Once for your Trustify profile information and once for the rating feed.
The detailed API calls you can find here in the API docs.
More about the Trustify API you can find here and the associated terms and conditions and data protection also on our website.

Important: By using the plugin, Trustify does not receive any user data back. We only see how often our API is called up and the IP address of your web server.

Public Libraries

  • We use Swiper for our mobile touch slider function. The used source code can be viewed here on GitHub.


Which languages are supported?

English, German and French

How do I start?

After installing and activating the plugin, Trustify is available as an Elementor widget. If you edit a page with Elementor, you will now find it in the Elementor library. Insert it at the desired position on your page and add your Trustify profile slug to load the content.

Where do I get my Trustify Profile Slug from?

You can recognize this, for example, by the URL of your Trustify profile:


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Contributors & Developers

“Trustify Widgets for Elementor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added multi-language support.
  • Added different language detection options.