WordPress YouTube Feed Plugin


Do you want to bring the dynamic world of YouTube to your website? Our YouTube feed plugin is the perfect tool to seamlessly integrate your YouTube channel or playlists into your website.

This easy-to-use plugin empowers you to create a visually appealing feed and boosts visitor engagement.

💪 Key Features:

Fully Customizable Content – With our YouTube feed plugin you can customize the content part completely by generating tokens, selecting layout style, adjusting grid-gap, maximum result, etc.
Adding Different Icons – There are multiple Icon setting options like YouTube Icon, Play Icon, viewCount, likeCount, favoriteCount, etc.
Video Settings – This amazing option helps you to adjust video titles, play titles, descriptions, letter limit, letter count, and other things.

Styling Options

  • Wrapper – The option defines the overall layout and visual style of your feed.
  • Video Thumb – With it, you can control the size, appearance, and click behavior of video thumbnails.
  • YouTube Button – Our YouTube feed plugin lets you customize the look and placement of the YouTube branding button.
  • Play Button – It allows customization of the play button by changing color, size, border, etc.
  • Content – It enables control of content color, typography, margin, etc.
  • Statistics – You can also design the statistics by adjusting typography, color, icon, and other related things.


📌 Our YouTube feed plugin assists you in building a curated feed that keeps visitors hooked with videos they love.

📌 Besides the quick installation and customization process it also saves customers’ time by presenting relevant content only.

📌 While building an excellent YouTube feed you can learn, discover, and expand your horizons with unexpected recommendations.

📌Making personalized playlists and galleries is easy and effective with the YouTube Feed plugin. It helps to discover share-worthy videos that fuel discussions with friends.


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How many YouTube feeds can I embed for a WordPress website?

  • Our plugin allows you to embed as many feeds as you need and it’s not completed.

Can I add URL for each video with linking?

  • Yes, there is an option to add URL with each video.

How do I find the ID of a YouTube video?

  • To get the video ID from a YouTube URL, you can follow the below steps:
    ☑️ Remove the “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=” part from the URL.
    ☑️ The remaining string is the video ID


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