Usersnap is a feedback platform that helps companies to collect, manage, analyze and share feedback along the product development lifecycle (QA, UAT, Customer Feedback, measuring CX). Some of our customers are the biggest brands in the world like Facebook, Microsoft, Canva, and Instacart.

Enhance your website’s feedback process with the leading customer feedback software designed to streamline issue collection and micro survey delivery through convenient floating widgets. Seamlessly integrate Usersnap into your WordPress site with our optimized plugin, requiring minimal coding for quick implementation. After installation, effortlessly customize your widgets via the Usersnap project dashboard.

Efficiently gather valuable feedback directly on your website with annotated screenshots and screen recordings, ensuring a smooth and insightful user experience. Automatically capture user details and technical context with each response, providing essential insights for prioritizing features and crafting effective solutions.

Product and development teams utilize Usersnap visual feedback tools perfect in all stages of the product development lifecycle:
* Collecting feature requests and polls to prioritize user needs
* Quality assurance (QA) communication between designers and developers
* User acceptance testing (UAT) with an easy to use bug tracking widget
* Evaluating user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) through metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES)

Maximize the impact of feedback and enhance your product development process with Usersnap.

Make feedback matter.

Usersnap empowers startups to enterprises in avoiding product development failures and building solutions that matter, all with the clarity of customer feedback.


  • Feedback button & menu: Easily integrate a dedicated feedback into your website or app, directing users to the right support and feedback options. Connect messenger chat, help page or other mediums for a streamlined process.
  • Capture videos & screenshots: Allow users to annotate directly on their screens, providing valuable context with technical details automatically attached.
  • Surveys with flexible targeting: Launch CSAT, NPS, polls and thumbs up/down surveys by user events, URL paths or time on page. Follow up with qualitative questions for deeper insights into the customer experience.
  • Omnichannel experience: Interactive inline raters and forms for websites and emails, and single page link to share to anywhere.
  • AI features for faster user insights: Speed up feedback processing with AI-generated summaries, identifying urgent issues and common themes for faster response times.

And more. Check out all of Usersnap’s features.

Benefits of Usersnap feedback platform

Experience a streamlined feedback process: Usersnap simplifies feedback collection with detailed bug reports featuring screen captures, annotations, voice feedback, and automated metadata.

Seamlessly integrate first-hand user feedback into your daily workflows with over 5000+ integrations, including Jira, Zendesk, Slack, and Asana. Empower your teams with insights from the user’s perspective to effectively address key challenges.

Gain valuable insights into user behaviors with targeted and segmented interactive micro-surveys, boosting response rates by up to 50%. Elevate your feedback strategy to drive higher user adoption rates and project success.

Integrate Usersnap into your daily workflow with ease

Unlock the full potential of your workflow by effortlessly connecting Usersnap with over 5,000 existing software tools. Streamline collaboration, enhance productivity, and accelerate your projects with seamless integration.

  • Jira Software & Product Discovery: Get your Usersnap screenshots and bug reports directly in Jira Software.
  • Azure DevOps: Create work items in your Azure DevOps (TFS) projects with screenshots and bug reports from Usersnap.
  • Trello: Create Trello cards with bug reports using Usersnap integration.
  • Asana: Get visual feedback & bug reports from Usersnap attached to your Asana tasks.
  • Slack: Get notifications in your Slack channel for every feedback and screenshot created with Usersnap.
  • GitHub: Solve GitHub issues faster. Get screenshots and meta-information with every GitHub issue.
  • HubSpot: Connect HubSpot CRM with Usersnap and send feedback to your lovely CRM.
  • WordPress: Improve your WordPress website with screenshots & bug reports from Usersnap.
  • Zendesk: Get screenshots from clients & improve your customer support.

We at Usersnap are always here to help. Any questions unanswered? Check out our Usersnap help center or get in touch with us.

Install and collect feedback with Usersnap for free.


  • This screenshot shows the admin page of the Usersnap plugin.
  • Launch CSAT, NPS, polls and thumbs up/down surveys by user events, URL paths or time on page.
  • A dedicated feedback button to receive issues and suggestions on your website or app.
  • Let users show you exactly what they experience, with all the contextual data included.
  • Easily communicate with your community or stakeholder using the public or limited Board.
  • Teams can establish organized workflows while maintaining a strategic overview.


The Installation of the Usersnap plugin is straightforward. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/usersnap directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Get your free API key:
  4. Configure the plugin (accessible via the admin menu)
  5. Now you will have a feedback button on your wordpress page


What is Usersnap

Usersnap is a user feedback platform designed for product teams to gather product-specific insights, accelerate user testing, and improve stakeholder feedback loops.

Is Usersnap available in different languages?

The Usersnap platform widgets support multiple languages. You can configure them in your project’s settings or via the API.

Will Usersnap widgets slow down my site?

The Usersnap snippet is loaded asynchronously (like Google Analytics) – It does not impact page loading and rendering times. Additionally, we are using a strong CDN to ensure the best user experience.

Which browsers are supported?

We are supporting all major browsers, both desktop and mobile.

What is the maximum supported screen resolution?

Usersnap supports screen resolutions up to 4K high definition, which results in 3840×2160 pixels for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. If the screen size exceeds the corresponding maximum screen resolution, your image will be cropped. If you need larger screens for your web project, please please contact us, we are happy to find a custom solution for you.

Where do I get a Usersnap API key?

Go to and sign up! You can create and manage your API keys for your site after you’ve logged in.

Can I customize the Usersnap widget?

Yes, you can customize the widgets and add a company logo in the header. You can add an individual web-font and remove the Usersnap logo at the bottom of the widgets.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts for startups, NGOs, and educational institutions. Get in touch and tell us your story!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Please note that you do not need a credit card to sign up for a Usersnap trial. For Enterprise plans, we also accept bank transfers for annual plans.

What is Usersnap refund policy?

We offer a free trial, take your time to find out if the product fits your requirements. You can cancel your subscription anytime.


21 May 2017
Great idea… but $70/mnth is too much for when we might get… 20 snaps a month. Plus, it won’t work with embedded content 🙁 I thought it snapped an image of the browser window, but apparently not 🙁 If they offered a ‘per snap’ option… or the ability to buy ‘credits’, it would be usable for anyone other than a big company.
03 Sentyabr 2016
The plugin is really easy to install and configure. I’ve been using this application for 20 minutes and I’m very impressed with how it’s been implemented. I’ll be a subscriber after the 14 day FREE trial! Great work.
03 Sentyabr 2016
I have lost only my time. Incomprehensible usability. Attention only free trial. Make the same what other programs make for free and easily.
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  • updated store listing to reflect new trial conditions.


  • tested for up to WordPress 6.5.2


  • handle unresolvable API key in the UI


  • correctly escape API key input, refactor jQuery to vanilla JavaScript in form validation


  • tested for WordPress version 6.1.1, update screenshots and description


  • disable account creation from plugin, instead provide link to sign-up page


  • fix deprecation warning for PHP 8.0


  • fixed typos in description


  • update screenshot


  • update screenshots and description


  • update screenshots and description


  • allow platform API keys and global snippet API keys


  • update screenshots and descriptions


  • FIX: GDPR compliant signup process


  • FIX: Outdated ‘Configure Widget’ link is working again
  • FIX: Alternative signup url


  • FIX: changed signup url


  • changed signup url


  • updated signup ui + readme + tested to newest wordpress


  • fixed user name input field + project creation at usersnap


  • fixed signup issue


  • autofill email address field if user is signed in


  • minor UI change


  • added short link to key management


  • fix current api connector doc


  • update code documentation


  • changed tags


  • fixed documentation


  • minur UI fixes


  • fixed default options; smaller UI fixes


  • Updated UI, moved Plugin settings to general settings.


  • You can add the Usersnap widget now to your backend administration too.


  • tags updated


  • version hotfixes


  • updated documentation


  • tested for new wordpress 4.0 and added icons


  • signup hotfix


  • changed text on configuration page
  • bug fix for double account creation


  • IMPORTANT: updated to the new Usersnap widget. If you want to continue with the old widget please do not update the plugin!
  • Now you can specify who is allowed to see the Usersnap widget!
  • All configuration is now easily done with a configurator directly on


  • added hide button option


  • fixed php issset check


  • storing api key problem solved!


  • small hotfixes


  • setup a usersnap account directly in your wordpress


  • changed search tags


  • added a few option fixes


  • added a few langauges, added custom button text attribute, added shortcut feature


  • added the new arrow feature.


  • added new features as config options, now with more languages, emailbox and commentbox, and customizable tool selection, hotfix: screenshots and icons.


  • hotfixes with images.


  • added new features as config options, now with more languages, emailbox and commentbox, and customizable tool selection.


  • spelling issue fixed.


  • enough testing done, now we can release version 1.0


  • added language support to configuration page


  • now only middle and bottom alignment for the usersnap button is available


  • minor changes for the plugin page


  • changed some FAQs


  • minor adaption to the description


  • First version.