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Bread & Butter: real lead capture, gated content & newsletter opt-ins

Bread & Butter: real lead capture, gated content & newsletter opt-ins


Capture first-party data and increase qualified leads all in one plugin. The only WordPress plugin that leverages social sign-ins like Google and LinkedIn to reduce friction and get you more subscribers, leads, and sales! 📈


Bread & Butter captures more leads from your WordPress website with content gates, pop-ups, social sign-in, and more!

Turn website visitors into qualified leads with the lowest friction solution on the market.

Major features in Bread & Butter include:

  1. First-party data capture
  2. Content Gating, Lead Capture, & Account Registration
  3. CRM integration
  4. Marketing Automation
  5. Social Logins & Authentication as a Service

Check out the testimonial video below:

“Create gated content, just like The Wall Street Journal where you get asked to enter your details before reading an article”
@Dan, aither.com.au

Bread & Butter is a SaaS service and requires a Bread & Butter account

When you add this plugin, you’ll register for a free 30 day trial that includes up to 5000 website visitors per month. No Credit Card required.

When you’re ready to take the next step, sign up for one of our plans, to kickstart your growth.

Note: Website Analytics are sold exclusively through digital agencies. Contact us to get your code and unlock all insights for your website.

Tools that increase conversions and qualified leads

  • Content Preview – Put SEO articles behind an opt-in banner like popular news sites like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. Turn content into more qualified leads.
  • Opt-in Pop-ups – Create pop-ups advertising contests, newsletters, or promotions. Get full visitor profiles into your funnel.
  • Gated Content – Place whitepapers, pdfs, market forecasts, pages, posts, etc behind a content gate to get more opt-ins from your exclusive content.
  • Continue with – A floating sign-in widget that can be docked to any corner of your page. Give every visitor the opportunity to opt-in immediately. All user information added to your WordPress database to facilitate signed-in workflows.
  • Contact Us – Give your prospects the chance to get in touch with you on any page. Can be embedded directly, or docked into a corner. Your visitors shouldn’t have to navigate your site in order to start a conversation.


Increase visibility into individual users and their actions.

Supercharge your WordPress website with first-party data analytics that provides actionable insight. Find the macro and micro trends for each prospect, customer, and marketing campaign.

  • Custom Funnels & Conversion Events
  • Enriched User Profiles
  • Weekly Reports
  • User Journey Map (Agency Exclusive)
  • Real-Time Stats (Agency Exclusive)
  • Lead & Engagement Scores (Agency Exclusive)


Create lead capture or gate content in minutes, without a designer or developer. Select the type of content gate or lead capture form and assign it to any page of your WordPress Website: Whitepaper, Annual Report, PDF, Video, Blog Post, Community, Email Newsletter, WP Page, E-Book, Coupon. Design Content Gating Experiences Tailored To Your Target Audience & Buyer Journey

  • Easy to configure. Setup in minutes without a designer or developer.
  • Customize each gate with our intuitive WYSIWYG editor.
  • Capture qualified leads and work emails with SSO and IDPs
  • Pass leads to most CRMs, email providers, or 3rd party services either natively or via Zapier.


Forms with more than 3 fields lead to a drop off in conversion rate of almost 5% per added field. Eliminate friction and get straight to asking the questions you really care about.

  • Autofill First Name, Last Name, and Email into your existing forms
  • Remove friction from your forms for visitors that have already opted in. Never ask them the same question twice.
  • Supports
    • Elementor
    • Gravity Forms
    • WPForms
    • Ninja Forms
    • Hubspot Forms

Confident in adding JavaScript snippets to your page? Check out our developer guide to get started here.

Want a helping hand? Configuration is always complimentary, Contact us to get it done for you.


Bread & Butter integrates and passes valuable information to your existing CRM or acts as a standalone CRM. Get your sales pipeline moving. Increase order size, and decrease time to close.

  • Verified Work Emails from any content gate or signup page.
  • Lead Scoring. Prioritize and target the highest quality prospects.
  • View content and website browsing history for each prospect.
  • Tailor conversations, build rapport, and better understand customers’ needs.
  • Simple or multi-stage sales funnels & automatically sync to CRMs or other 3rd party services.


Smart automation. Zero coding experience required.
Design custom workflows in a flash. Keep data synchronized across multiple platforms & save serious time. Work on your business, not in your business.

Platform Integrations:
* Mailchimp
* Slack
* Pipedrive
* Google Analytics
* Zapier
* Salesforce

New integrations are added all the time! Contact us about new integrations.

A few Marketing Automation examples from our clients:

  • Push email captures to Mailchimp or any email provider via Zapier
  • Receive Slack Notification for new signups to public channels, groups, or as private DMs
  • Push verified profiles for each prospect to a CRM, CDP, or Email Provider
  • Push website browsing history for each prospect to a CRM, CDP, or Email Provider (Agency Package Exclusive)


One-click with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and visitors are automatically authenticated and added to your WordPress Database.

Sleep better knowing your business is fully compliant regardless of your content and jurisdiction. All user data is securely handled & is GDPR, CCPA or Data Protection Laws ready.

Save time and money with Bread & Butter’s one-click integrations for 3rd party IDP (Identity Provider) and SSO (Single Sign-On).

Social IDPs
* Microsoft
* Google
* Facebook / Meta
* Linkedin
* Twitter
* Salesforce
* Basecamp
* GitHub
* Dropbox
* Apple
* Slack
* Planning Center
* Twitch
* Intuit Quickbooks

Enterprise IDPs
* Microsoft
* OneLogin
* Google
* Okta

Have questions?
Book a demo
Reach out to our support



To install the Bread & Butter IO WordPress Plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Plugins on the left side menu, then click the Add New button at the top of the page.
  2. Click Upload Plugin at the top of the page, then click Choose File.
  3. Find and select the ZIP file that you downloaded in Step 1.
  4. Click Install Now.
  5. Once the Plugin has completed installing, click Activate.

The Bread & Butter IO WordPress Plugin is now installed. To complete the setup process, go to Step 3 in our How to Guide

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Terms of Service:



13 Avqust 2023 1 reply
It says there are a bunch of email integrations but when you go to Newsletter, there’s only Zapier and Mailchimp.
27 Aprel 2023
We needed a tool that allowed us to collect data and gate some pages on our website. This plugin and platform has allowed us to do both easily and is now providing us a way forward to develop our website further and be able to market it in the best way to gain more traffic to our site. The support team is fantastic and we always get a very quick response – they are always happy to help!
19 Aprel 2023
I’m pretty happy on how easy it was to setup Bread & Butter. It was a great way to provide a one click login for my customers. It’s so far the easiest solution I’ve found in the market, must try!
24 Sentyabr 2022
There are other social login plugins out there, but nothing comes close to this one. Within 5 minutes the plugin was up & running and I could add different soft-paywall style content gating options on the website without using legacy custom forms. Now I can see who is on my website, and which content they are engaging with and trigger custom conversion points to GA4 in order to finally get a true funnel view of my website activity. Took about an hour to setup the final Production-ready oauth tokens and keys. That setup is needed regardless of which SSO plugin you go with and will depend on how many social signon options you want to offer.
15 Sentyabr 2022
If you’re looking for a way to remove friction from the process of capturing first-party data then Bread Butter IO is the perfect solution. For a few years now we’ve been looking for an easy UX friendly solution to reduce friction and capture details about the people visiting our site. Since we’ve started using Bread and Butter IO we’ve been able to increase conversions with our content gate on our blog and capture an impressive amount of data about the people visiting our site. Previously we’d only been able to find clunky and ineffective solutions to capturing first-party data. Not to mention how cumbersome and difficult they were to setup. By comparison Bread and Butter IO was very easy to get running. The plugin itself is well-designed – as is their dashboard. I’ve been very impressed by the development and support team, who are responsive and work hard to address bugs and listen to concerns. The data in Bread and Butter IO also integrates with our CRM. Allowing us to turn marketing data into actionable insights that can inform our lead pipeline.
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